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Wall Hung PhotoGlows
on and off    

To really make your images come alive, you must see one of our
Backlit Wallhung Images.

These frames are ready to hang, including frame, mat, glazing in addition to the PhotoGlow backlit plate and power supply. The frame is less than  1" thin! It can be used for either Portrait or Landscape orientations.

The super thin power cord is only 1.5x3 mm and is white. The total cord length is 9’ making it easy to reach an outlet. Cord extensions to 30’ are available on request. We also include a 3M Command clamp to tension the cord at the bottom of the wall if desired.

Wall Hung PhotoGlow Options:

  •  3 Frame Colors and 5 mat colors let you personalize your frame     
      frame neilsen frames  mat colors


8x10 PhotoGlow




The original PhotoGlow size: Frame size is 11x14 with image matted to 7.5 x 9.5

11x14 PhotoGlow



                   Most popular size to date. Frame size is 14x18  with image matted to 10x13
13x19 PhotoGlow

                        13x19                   $159 orderbutton

Sized for the maximum width of  an Epson 2200 and other medium format printers, Frame size is 16x22 and it is matted to 12x18.

                                          j :1~|O10EW; IFsess=1~A7BZCACMDdDhDjDl   16x20 PhotoGlow

                                                         $189   orderbutton

Getting big!  Comes in a 20x24 Neilsen frame and is matted to 15x19

                                                18x24 PhotoGlow

                             18x24                      $229    orderbutton

             Bigger yet! Comes in a 22x28 frame and is matted to 17x23

                                                 24x36 PhotoGlow

                             24x36                       $399   orderbutton

Biggest UPS will ship! In a 28x40 frame and is matted to 23x35

             13x36 PhotoGlow Panorama

                          panoramic                    $209  orderbutton

Unique backlit fomat. In a 16x40 frame and matted to 12x35. Great for panoramas or long signs!

NEW!! 8 x 24 mini Panorama  

smaller panorama that almost any inkjet printer can handle. In a 10x28 Neilsen frame, matted to 7.5x23

call 508 737 9199 to order

5x7 Desktop Darlings

The Desktop Darling is an illuminated frame designed for desktop use. Illuminate   one of your darlings. I have seen people tear up after seeing a loved one in one of our Backlit frames.

Desktop Darling



                                            In a 8x10 frame matted to 4.5x6.5    

  •  Blank Backlit Media

Available in all PhotoGlow sizes.  


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