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What are the 3 different size dimensions?
The first dimension is the nominal image size and is typically the size of the backlit plate. The matte opening is slightly smaller than that dimension, and the frame size is the dimension of the outside of the frame.

Do I need a matte?
On the classic PhotoGlow design, yes a matte is required to hold the image in place. We feel this gives a more elegant presentation of your art. We have a mattless version now available. See the custom size web page.

Can I send a print to be made into a PhotoGlow?
Yes! We do free scanning of prints when purchased with a PhotoGlow and a PhotoGlow print. Email us for details.

What size files do I need?
That depends on the size print. We like the biggest files for the most detail. For example for a 8×10 PhotoGlow we like JPEG files in the 1-5 MByte range. For 24×36 prints, 100 MB files are not atypical.

Do I need a special paper to print on / Can I make my own prints?
Any media that lets through some light can be used in a PhotoGlow. One of the coolest features of the system is your ability to make your own inkjet prints with the PhotoGlow printable media that we offer to our customers.

How do I upload a digital file to print?
The files can be uploaded to our FTP site ftp://photoglow.com/ folder. Simply click and drag the image to the “incoming” folder. This may not work if you have a mac. Emailing an image to us also works.

How bright is a PhotoGlow?
A PhotoGlow with our media on top of it is about 2-3 times as bright as a CRT computer monitor. Without the media on it, it is about 4 times as bright.

What does it look like during the day?
During the day one still sees a beautiful print that is enhanced by the PhotoGlow effect. At night the effect is further enhanced. It is not recommended to place a PhotoGlow in a area of direct sun as it will minimize the PhotoGlow effect.

How uniform is the lighting?
This is where the PhotoGlow shines, as uniformity is quite good, somewhat around +/- 15 %.

What powers the frames?
PhotoGlow frames use electricity to power them. A small frame takes about 6 watts of electricity and the big ones use about 30 watts. The frames come with an AC/DC adapter that delivers the 12 volts DC to the frame. This DC powers the LEDs.

Can batteries be used?
Yes 12 volt sources can be used directly to power the frames. We do not, however offer batteries that can be stored in the frame itself.

How long do the LEDs last?
Our LED suppliers tells us that the LEDs will last over 50,000 hours of use. They do not burn out like regular bulbs, but drop in brightness over time.

What color temperature are your LEDs?
6500K resembling daylight as closely as possible. We can use warmer LEDs 3100K on special request.

Does the print fade?
When using pigmented inks such as the Epson ultrachrome inks, we have not seen any fading in over 7 years of continuous illumination.

How do I attach/change the image?
Changing the image is easy and takes just minutes. One side of the frame is removed and the matte is slid out. The image is swapped by using the reusable tape strips and replaced. The frame side is then slid back on and tightened. You are then ready to glow.

Is your technology patented?
Yes! Photoglow holds patent number 7,281,834 issued in 2007.

What is the warranty?
The frame and LEDs are warrantied for 1 year after purchase.

Do I have to order online?
No, you can call us to place the order.

Do you make custom sizes?
Yes this is one of specialties. Contact us with a custom quote.

Can I use wood frames?
Yes, contact us if you want to order your PhotoGlow frameless for use with a wood frame.

What does a PhotoGlow weigh?
The smaller frames weigh just a few pounds. The 13×19 weighs about 5.5 lbs. The 24×36 weighs about 20 lbs.

Are they fragile?
No the bulbs are rugged, enclose and protected, however, a drop off of the wall will probably damage the frame.

Are they dimmable?
Yes! See the dimmers page for manual and remotely controlled LED dimmers

Do you take paypal?
Yes, call us to place your order to arrange

Are the LEDs behind the image?
No, the LEDs are along the edge of a plate that lights up evenly behind the image. This is called edgelighting.