“Featured on DIY Network’s “BATHtastic” and HGTV’s “Devine Design” with Candace Olsen”


"I ordered the 11x14 frame size, and since I prefer to do my own printing, I also had PhotoGlow send along some of their backlit film for printing out my own images. I printed a variety of shots, and while they all look good in the frame, I found that some image styles are more suited to backlighting than others. Landscape shots looked uniformly fantastic, with the backlighting imparting a feeling of sunlight filtering through the image.

I currently have a photograph of a yellow daffodil with red tulips in a PhotoGlow frame on my wall. Not only does the backlighting give depth to the photograph, it's been a money generator for me as well. Nearly everyone that has seen the print has inquired about purchasing my work, and many have asked about the availability of the PhotoGlow frame.

If you can't tell, I'm a fan of the PhotoGlow frames. They are a good looking, well designed and affordably priced product that not only improves the presentation of my photographs, but have also increased my business. In addition, (PhotoGlow) has been very good to work with and responsive to questions."

-John Canfield PhotoWorkshop.com


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