“Featured on DIY Network’s “BATHtastic” and HGTV’s “Devine Design” with Candace Olsen”

Reviews + Love


Dane had previously scheduled a show set to cover a different topic, but when he received his PhotoGlow frame in the mail he was so blown away that he decided to re-shedule.

“I wanted to let you know that I received your photoglow frame in the mail today and it is amazing. I was so impressed I bumped my other shows and did one on you immediately. I hope it drives some serious business your way…”

– Dane Sanders

“The PhotoGlow backlit frame (patent pending) represents a coalescence of progressive science and artistic expression. Using a technology derived from his work with lasers for medicine, optical physicist Ed Sinofsky has created a line of backlit picture frames that brings eye-popping vibrancy, energy and resonance to digital photographs.”

“Prints adorn the paint chipped walls of my bedroom – though the first each person notices is a photo of New Hampshire’s fall colors. A decent image, it’s certainly not my best work. Standing alone, it could never incite the look of astonishment seen on the face of each visitor. Truly extraordinary, however, is what lies behind the 12×18-framed print: an impossibly thin source of completely uniform light.

See the Entire Review at SportsShooter.com

“Most photo frames don’t excite us. There are exceptions, but for the most part, a frame’s a frame. So when Ed Sinofsky sent us a frame to check out, we were a bit skeptical. Until we plugged it in. Ed earned his Ph.D. from the Optical Science Center at the University of Arizona, and his PhotoGlow frame quite literally makes your photos glow.

Just like the backlit ads in movie theaters and malls, light from the PhotoGlow’s back panel passes through your image to make it more vibrant and saturated. Unlike commercial displays, the PhotoGlow is only 1″ thick, uses a super-thin power cord, and draws an average of only 15 watts while in use. Friends who’ve come over and seen ours invariably ask about it, and after a few weeks we were reluctant to send it back.

See the Review at Photojojo

PhotoGlow“I ordered the 11×14 frame size, and since I prefer to do my own printing, I also had PhotoGlow send along some of their backlit film for printing out my own images. I printed a variety of shots, and while they all look good in the frame, I found that some image styles are more suited to backlighting than others. Landscape shots looked uniformly fantastic, with the backlighting imparting a feeling of sunlight filtering through the image.

I currently have a photograph of a yellow daffodil with red tulips in a PhotoGlow frame on my wall. Not only does the backlighting give depth to the photograph, it’s been a money generator for me as well. Nearly everyone that has seen the print has inquired about purchasing my work, and many have asked about the availability of the PhotoGlow frame.

If you can’t tell, I’m a fan of the PhotoGlow frames. They are a good looking, well designed and affordably priced product that not only improves the presentation of my photographs, but have also increased my business. In addition, (PhotoGlow) has been very good to work with and responsive to questions.”

– John Canfield PhotoWorkshop.com

“…Then came the hardest part. Figuring out which picture would be the best one to print first. I was looking for the right blend of high dynamic range and rich color to really show it off. After about twenty minutes of sorting through pictures in iView Media Pro, I ended up going with a shot from the ancient ochre mines in Rousillon, France. I printed it out with Photoshop, removed two small screws on the back of the frame to expose the matte and the light box. I attached the photo to the back of the matte using the supplied reusable tape and reassembled the frame. The whole process took about 3 minutes before I was ready to power it on.

When I did, the result was stunning. Absolutely gorgeous. The image was bright and had remarkable depth. I was so happy with how it looked that I took it in to work and showed a number of photo experts who generally had the same response. “How do I get mine?” They did a great job with some of the details, even adding an extra connection to the AC power supply which makes it easier to run the power through the wall if you’re interested in hiding the wire…”

“I said the other day that I put the Photoglow into our photo show. Last night was the opening and artist’s reception. We had a very good crowd, all things considered, and had a great time.

The photos are all numbered consecutively so that visitors can follow them as they walk through. That meant that the location for the Photoglow was somewhat predetermined. We also needed a plug for it so we were further restricted. It ended up on a mantelpiece facing the entrance to the show. It shared the mantel with a photograph by our professor, a professional photographer, that is about 30″ high and perhaps 60″ long. It is a beautiful and detailed dramatic large format piece of a ruined castle sort of place on the Hudson River. And don’t you know, when people walk up to the mantelpiece they all check out the Photoglow first! Not that I mind, you understand.

The owner of a local custom photo lab stopped by and he and I talked about it at some length. It really does grab people as they go by. Just thought you might like to know!”

– D.D, New Hampshire

The photoglow arrived today, and all I can say is… THANK YOU. I’ve been waiting for someone to make a product like this for years. My favorite way of displaying photos is transparencies mounted onto lightboxes; as you know, they are bulky and fairly expensive. I think your product is dead on; looks great and not expensive. Whoohoo!!”

– Andrew Dawson, NaturePhotosOnline.com

“…the even light is produced by using a light source like LEDs or cold cathode fluorescents down the edge and wicking it across the area like a fiber optic. The brain behind PhotoGlow is Dr. Ed Sinofsky, an optical physicist who has specialized in photonic medicine. The PhotoGlow frames I’ve seen have been very evenly lit and quite bright.

– George Lepp, Outdoor Photographer Magazine

“The Photoglows arrived yesterday — they are ESPECTACOLO!!! I feel they so match with what I’m trying to do with our labs — the best of the best, the latest technology, yet cool and classy. Thanks so much. I hope the ones I have and am showing off bring you more business! Terrific Product!! Congratulations.”

– Judy Lauter

Hello and Aloha Ed,

I forwarded your contact information to Ted Mick for some lightboxes for their kiosk cart set up at Ala Moana Center. I have worked extensively with Joseph Nahum and Bico and love your product!

“The panel is just Great. I can’t wait to put it up on the wall.”

“We just received our order and LOVE it!! Thank you so much! We are very impressed with the quality, your customer service, and attention to detail (the 3M product for the cord)! Don’t be surprised if you start getting a lot of orders from Carmel, IN, my friends are going to love it (the copycats).”

“We love these boards so much. We put our specials in them for our upcoming big boxing matches, big football games, etc…Thanks again.”

– Casey

“If I had the $$, every room in the house would have a Photoglow.”

“We previously purchased an 8×10 frame and we love it – my wife uses slide film and has always wanted a good way to backlight her enlargements so they more closely resemble the slides-this frame is very good looking and provides an attractive diffuse light.”

“The photoglow has been in use for several days now, and I want you to know how pleased Sara and I are. It helps restore a valued but dimmed 30 year old photo. The framing is clean and sleek and highly professional – matching its perfectly distributed light.

These qualities are more than enough to justify the Photoglow’s cost; but equally important was your sensitivity to the nature of the photo, and willingness to go beyond our expectations. I’m referring to the intensity of the back-light in what you correctly described as a “mood” picture.

Sara and I discussed whether the Photoglow as advertised might be too bright for “Fated Dream,” but went ahead with the purchase, thinking another photo could be substituted if necessary.

I was very pleased when – without prompting – you advised me you were adding a dimmer-screw, for that very reason. Impressive.

The light intensity has been adjusted to our taste, and “Fated Dream” has never been displayed as well. It is like a 3-dimensional portal into the surrealism of the photo.

We will be making another purchase soon – probably of a more contemporary fantasy effort of mine – “The Thermal Vents of Titan.” The back-light çan be full-throttle for this one.”

Thanks again,


Hi Ed,

I had a show this weekend and sold another light box… that’s three now. People love them. I gave your contact info to a couple of people who need backlit signage for their booths. I told them to tell you I sent them.

Those last two boxes you send me were beautiful. You have managed to make them even thinner and the black backing is really nice. The new thin profile makes it possible for me to play around with plating pieces of glass behind the panel for special effects.


Thanks a lot Ed. You’ve got an awesome product and I just love it!



I just want to thank you for doing a wonderful job with framing the picture for me. It came out great and my wife loves it. I am so impressed with it that I will be ordering 2 more when I get some family pictures of us all together. You have a wonderful product with photoglow and I will recommend it to people I know. I should be getting those pictures in a few weeks and I will contact you then.
Once again I want to say thanks for all your help with the process and everything came out perfect.

Dean T

Dear Ed,

The PhotoGlow frame came in today and it looks stunning! This technology is amazing – I’m impressed with how thin it is and how bright.

Do you have any plans to scale up the size in the future?

Back when I was doing drafting and printing work, I would’ve loved to have something like this built into a drafting table – all the “light box” tables at the time were so bulky. This is thin enough to work as a tabletop drafting board/litebox.

Thanks again for the great job.

Jim G

HI. Ed.

I hope you remember my name. I ordered a few print and frame from your company for my exhibition.
One of them was collected in national comtemporary museum of korea. I love your frame.

Now, i will participate in Hanover messe art show in Germany. I think I need the frames for my works.
In fact, I want to buy 4 frame and 1 print. Two of frames is Square frame. One of square frames’s size is 20X20, The other is 16X16. I also need two 13X18 frame. In terms of printing, I would like to print a square images on two 16X20 for using in one frame. Because I want to get true black color. If you remember my works and my past order, you can understand.

Hi Ed,

Thanks so much for doing my picture so fast. It’s been less than 48 hours and it was dropped off at my door. Incredible! I absolutely love it and I know Lisa will too. I can’t wait to give it to her. Thanks again

Ron D

Hi Ed,
I just wanted to say that after the baby frame was plugged in for awhile, it glows beautifully. I love it! I hope to replace most all my mall display portraits with this system. With that in mind, can I order regular prints from my lab (ACI) to replace these after they have been used for awhile?


Hi Ed!

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know the frames arrived today! I let my husband open his presents early so he can show the clan we’re having over for Christmas dinner! Phil absolutely loves the gifts!!!

Stay warm up there!

Thanks again and Merry Christams!


Hi Ed.

The client loves the photos and frames. Thank you.

Brian L

Hi Ed –

Just a quick note – I love the photoglow picks! they really warm up the room.
Thank you so much!


Hi Ed,

Sorry it took me so long to write this, but I wanted to say thank you for sending the replacement parts for our frame. We really appreciate it and now our frame is up and glowing again!

I also just wanted to mention that from the time we put the frame up, whenever new people come over, they just can’t get over that picture! They absolutely love the lighted frame! I have given your website to a couple folks, over time.

Anway, thanks so much for your outstanding customer service and your amazing picture frames!

Lynne D

Hi Ed,

I want you to know that I just received the photoglow frame today and absolutely love it. It is going to make a wonderful gift. I am hoping to order a couple more from you in the near future. I think they are awesome!

Thanks again,

Hi Ed —

Opened my two Photoglows at our new condo this morning — my compliments on the fine packing of them, by the way — and couldn’t wait to try them out. They really are as good as advertised, even better; the even, rich lighting does wonders for the image, giving it a “pop” unlike any I’ve ever seen. You really do have something special there.

David P, from Southern California.

Hi Ed,

I just got them. And I love them.

Thanks a million!


Just received it…wow, I love it! Thanks for your work. I’ve already given one of your cards to my builder who is finishing a room addition for us today.

Thanks again,

I think I am ready for another Photo Glow. My wife is so in love with the first two that I got, that she is not even making noise about me spending money on a third. I can’t believe it. (testimonial material if I ever saw it!)

Hi Ed,

As I eagerly await the arrival of my latest print, I’m getting the itch to make another one. I would like to replace my custom 12×12 (image size) frame, which I gave away as a gift (they LOVED it!!). Please let me know how to do the order on the website, and let me know the cost. Many thanks,



I just wanted to pass along to you that everyone that has seen my ham radio call letters with your back-lighting, absolutely loves it. I believe my order from you was back around the second month of this year.

I am still in the process of trying to get the gal that made my stained glass ham radio call to “get off her butt” and start making them for the many other ham radio operators in my area. If I can get her going, all recommendations for back lighting will be directed to you.

Take care and thanks again for a perfect product.

LOVE you doing photoglows for me!! There isn’t a person who walks in our house who doesn’t comment on your beautiful product! Thanks for the nice comment about my kids…I think they’re kinda cute, too, but I’m biased!

I’ll look forward to getting the new framed picture!


Hi Ed, I am pleased with your print job on my waterlilies piece I sent to you…it looks amazing. My dealer wasn’t in love with the nickel frame so I had it framed in a deepgreenish walnut frame, it looks fantastic. The thing puts out great light,